Pauline Reeves Gallery

                Photographers, painters, and artisans are invited to exhibit in the Pauline Reeves Gallery at the front of the Museum of the Everglades.

The Museum of the Everglades is proud to present “A Heart for Alligators - a retrospective of the art of Jürg ‘George’ Furrer”, who passed away in 2014. A popular illustrator and syndicated cartoonist in his home country of Switzerland, George was a familiar face in Everglades City for many years, visiting on an annual basis and making many lifelong friendships. George brought his appreciation for the region’s unique flora and fauna home with him, incorporating many of things he experienced here into his art and in 1994 even published a book of cartoons with Everglades themes: “Ein Herz für Alligatoren” (“A Heart for Alligators”) from which this exhibit takes its name. Included in this retrospective at Museum of the Everglades will be a selection of original prints as well as copies of his books and other objects emblazoned with his distinctive alligator images. Stories of George’s friendship with local residents and how he helped save City Hall – receiving the Key to the City for his efforts – will bring his legacy and his love of the Everglades to life for all visitors – celebrating Museum of the Everglades as the international destination it has become.

Since the Museum of the Everglades is undergoing restoration from the impact of Hurricane Irma, this exhibit has been re-located to Naples at the Collier County Museum at the Government Center, 3331 Tamiami Trail East. Don't miss this wonderful exhibit!


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